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Dri-SlideĀ® Multi-Purpose Lubricant is ideal for numerous lubricating applications on automobiles.

  • Door locks:
Our convenient needle applicator puts Dri-Slide® directly inside the locks with no spills or mess. Loosens frozen and balky locks.
  • Speedometer cables:
Before you pay for an expensive repair, use the needle applicator to apply Dri-Slide® inside the cable sleeve. Sometimes all that is needed is a good lubrication to restore a balky speedometer.
  • Wheel lugs and nuts:
Whenever you remove a wheel, whether for tire rotation or a brake job or repairing a flat or installing new tires, apply Dri-Slide® to the lugs before remounting the tire. This will reduce the torque required to remove a wheel the next time.
  • Hood and trunk latches and hinges:
Periodic application of Dri-Slide® eliminates squeaks, promotes smooth operation, and retards rust and corrosion.
  • Steering mechanisms:
All points at which metal to metal contact occurs. Reduces wear and noise, makes disassembly easier when servicing or repairing.

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