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Control Cables (Enclosed)
Dri-Slide® Multi-Purpose Lubricant, (also sold under the brand name “Bike Aid”®), is ideal for lubricating enclosed control cables. Dri-Slide’s unique needle applicator* allows the service technician to lubricate cables without disassembling the housing, thereby reducing service time and cost significantly.

Dri-Slide® is applied wet. Gravity distributes the lubricant within the cable sleeve thoroughly and evenly over the entire cable, penetrating even the smallest spaces, and leaves a dry lubricant bonded to the cable surfaces after the carrier evaporates. Because Dri-Slide® is a dry lubricant, it does not attract dirt, sand, or dust, thereby promoting smooth operation of controls and longer intervals between servicing.

Note: For use by motorcycle service technicians only, not for in-home use.
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DRI-SLIDE® MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT, 4 fl oz w Neele Applicator, case of 12A versatile penetrating formula of Technical Fine grade Molybdenum disulfide (Moly) and Graphite with rust and corrosion inhibitors. 4 fl oz bottle with needle applicator
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