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Gears (Open)
An open gear is usually not enclosed because of its large size. Machinery with large open gears is commonly found in heavy industries such as mining, concrete, and gravel operations. Proper lubrication of the open gear drive is critical for long and trouble-free service. These gears are often slow moving and under extreme pressure, and the environment in which they are operating if often windy, dusty, dirty, and sandy. In this type of harsh environment airborne particulate is attracted to standard petroleum-based lubricating oils and greases and can form an abrasive – a lapping compound – that can wear away the surfaces that are supposed to be lubricated.

Dri-Slide® EP Liquid Grease is an ideal lubricant for open gears in these harsh environments. EP Liquid Grease is our strongest concentration of Moly with Graphite and rust and corrosion inhibitors; it is often recommended for use where nothing else works.
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DRI-SLIDE® EP LIQUID GREASE, 8 oz. aerosol, case of 12DRI-SLIDE® EP LIQUID GREASE, 8 oz. aerosol, case of 12The strongest concentration of Technical Fine grade Molybdenum disulfide (Moly) and Graphite with rust and corrosion inhibitors. Ideal for extreme pressure applications and where nothing else works. Excellent anti-seize properties. Prevents galling. 8 oz. aerosol
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