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Dri-Slide® Robot Greases are formulated to meet Fanuc Robotics (formerly GMF Robotics) specifications. Meeting the exacting requirements of these expensive robots, Dri-Slide® Robot Greases are recommended for use on robot joints, fittings, slide bars, tracks, gear racks, and bearings; anyplace where friction and high pressures are to be expected.

A synthetic thickener plus anti-corrosion, extreme pressure, and anti-wear additives contribute the outstanding performance of Dri-Slide® Robot Greases.

The base grease is a Polyurea NLGI No. 2 Grease for use on industrial robots. Specifically formulated for worm gears, helical gears, and spiral gears. Viscosity has been reduced with a thinning agent that allows the grease to re-flow (flow backward) instead of gathering at one end of the gear. 107 lb keg
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