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DRI-SLIDE® HDMP GREASE, 14½ oz. cartridge, case of 6
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A superior water-resistant Lithium Complex grease with the added protection of molybdenum disulfide (“moly”) for heavy loads and extra wear protection. Resists acids and alkali. Excellent water washout properties. For use where temperatures range from -5°F to 275°F (-20.5°C to 135°C). Will not harden or run within its effective temperature range. Lubricates significantly longer than do greases without moly. Excellent for lubricating wheel bearings, king pins, ball joints, spreader Vs, and plain bearings. Ideal for highway maintenance vehicles, heavy construction equipment, and dificult industrial applications.
Appearance Smooth
Color Gray
Odor Mold Petroleum
NLGI Grade 2
Dropping Point 385°F
Water Washout, 175°F 50
Timken OK Load 50 Lbs.
Useful Temperature Range 0° to 300°F
Features Benefits
Lithium complex Grease Not subject to water washout
Contains Molybdenum Disulfide Added protection, even if grease is lost because moly remains to protect
Wide Temperature Range Reduces number of greases you need to keep on hand
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